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Calling All Volunteers!

Updated: May 18, 2020

After being under strict quarantine orders for a couple of months, our local officials begin a phase of reopening our economy. We're witnessing businesses like good old-fashion drive-in theatres, more restaurants, and retail stores open for business. Following suit, we too are beginning to start allowing more and more volunteers to join us at the farm. Work at the farm hasn't stopped during the quarantine but it has been limited to a small volunteer group due to COVID-19 orders.

This past weekend we had about twenty volunteers join us, ranging from local families to college students. Even with all the space available at the farm, we're all observing the social distance order and we're all wearing masks. Friends who have volunteered have expressed the joy of connecting with others after the long quarantine. Video conferencing is a welcome tool for communication during this time of quarantine but nothing replaces the one on one connection with people like being in person.

So come along with a group of friends and spend some time with us at the farm. We invite you to join us for a few hours of community service. As we grow more and more food, more and more will be donated to local food banks. If you're interested in volunteering, reach us for more details.

Cheers to good food and good service.

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1 Comment

Jul 11, 2020

Hi Rick! My name is Alyssa Moore and I’m studying graphic design currently. My sister and mom just visited your farm and told me to contact you to discuss about possibly working on design aspects of your social media and website. I’d love the experience! Please email me at if you’d like to discuss more. Thank you and have a nice day!

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