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School Garden

Field Trips

Welcome to Overflow Farms! Our field trips offer a hands-on educational experience for kids to explore the ins and outs of agriculture. Led by our knowledgeable guides, children will embark on a farm tour, getting up close and personal with our crops and learning about sustainable farming practices along the way. They'll also have the chance to meet our friendly farm animals, and learn about their role in the farm ecosystem. The highlight of the trip is a farming activity where students can roll up their sleeves and participate in tasks such as planting seeds, weeding, or harvesting crops, depending on the season. With plenty of opportunities to touch, smell, and taste various fruits and vegetables, students will gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from and the work that goes into growing it. Come join us for a down-to-earth adventure that's as educational as it is fun!

Want to schedule a field trip for your school? 

Make sure to let us know how to best personalize the experience for you and your students
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